Saturday, May 08, 2010

ZoomAtlas: Mapping Every Square Inch of America

geo-social (mapping) site to watch
has its own maps data from satellite images,
to be able to modify
wiki-creator on board
interesting: it includes time dimension!
Hands on with the Kobo eReader, setting the bar for low cost ebook readers | ZDNet

Where did the name Kobo come from?

When I hear new and unique names, I question where they originate so I asked my contact where the name Kobo came from. I was told it was simply an anagram for Book and that a four letter word was desired for the new name.
Reports of netbook sales death greatly exaggerated, says analyst - Computerworld

For a little more money, sometimes just $50 or so, consumers can buy a full notebook with a full-sized keyboard, a 15-in., sometimes a 17.-in. screen, with higher resolution [than a netbook].

By the end of this month, Apple will likely have sold 1.5 million iPads, said Yankee Group analyst Carl Howe in a post to his company's blog Wednesday, putting the tablet in the record books for reaching $1 billion in sales faster than any other consumer product.
Kobo International E-Book Store Launches: Why Amazon Should Be Afraid | Gadget Lab |

$150, USB and bluetooth only, no WiFi or 3G