Sunday, January 10, 2010

Software Carpentry

Most of people, including scientists,
who start programming as a side activity
learn it "hard way".
Even worse, they end up programming "professionally"
by leveraging tools, and never learning basics.

Similar as a carpenter can build
a simple but useful shelf or a deck
but may not be able to engineer a house or a bridge,
writing simple but useful programs still requires learning the "craft".

Software Carpentry is now a course on basic software development skills for programmers with backgrounds in science and engineering, rather than computer science @wikipedia

Podcast interview with Greg Wilson
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The Best of CES 2010 - PC World

eReaders, Tablets, Smartphones, Smartbooks, Netbooks,
3D TVs, Photo/Video Cameras with WiFi and GPS,
New CPUs from Intel, Nvidia...
As if the Christmas for geeks started on Jan-7 (Orthodox Christian calendar)